J.W. Harris is a welding supply company from the Harris Products Group, that specializes in a variety of soldering and welding tools & equipment. They offer a variety of chemical compounds and lubricants that are ideal for metalworking. Their surface solutions can be used on stainless steel, chrome, nickel, and more!

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Can you solder copper pipes without flux?

If you are looking to solder copper pipes, it is recommended to use flux to prevent the pipe from oxidizing as you heat it.

What is welding flux used for?

In metal working projects like welding, soldering, or brazing, metal is joined with other metal under very high temperatures. Welding flux helps to prevent oxidation when trying to solder two different metals together, like tin and lead.

What is solar flux?

Solar Flux is a type of welding chemical compound, commonly found in powder form. When mixed with alcohol and brushed onto the metal part, solar flux provides shield protection from oxygen and prevents oxidation.
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