Ullman is a leading manufacturer and distributor of professional specialty hand tools that can help increase your work productivity. They specialize in inspection mirrors ideal for making tiny measurements and other projects that require precision. They also have a wide selection of magnetic pick up tools that are ideal for retrieving metallic objects in hard to reach areas. Browse through their wide selection of telescopic mirrors magnetic pick up tools today!

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What are inspection mirrors used for?

Telescopic mirrors are used in several industries, including the automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. They are great for inspecting hard to reach areas. They can also be used to illuminate darker areas around machinery and other pieces of equipment

What is a pick-up tool?

Pick up tools are great for picking up objects that are hard to reach. The magnetic end makes them ideal for grabbing metal nuts and bolts. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and magnetic strengths. Depending on the strength of the magnet, pick up tools could pick up anything from small metallic pieces to heavier tools, like wrenches and pliers.
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