Sun Cloud

Sun Cloud odor absorbing sponge is designed as an easy way to maintain a spaces, of up to 300 feet, freshness. This is not a scented air freshener so it can be used for a variety of applications without disturbing or offending someone including: hotel room, offices, hospital rooms, and more. Discover our collection of Sun Cloud odor absorbers for your applications at HomElectrical.

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What is a Sun Cloud Odor Absorbing Replacement Sponge?

A Sun Cloud odor sponge is a soap based gel with activated charcoal. When the lid is opened it will get rid of any foul smelling odors from the room. This type of air freshener is able to reach around a 300 foot area that has an 8 foot ceiling which is the standard of most homes.

Is the Sun Cloud Odor Absorbing Replacement Sponge scented?

This air freshener is going to have a neutral type of smell. Some people can be offended by a scent that is too strong and that was taken into consideration with the development of this product. So these are perfect for maintaining the airs freshness in hospital rooms, offices, hotel rooms, and more.

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