Southwire is the leading manufacturer of wire and cable that is used for electrical distribution and transmission in North America. Southwire electrical plugs and outlets can be used for a variety of applications including: construction, demolition, power tools, industrial appliances, and more. Their plugs also have lighted ends to notify you when their is power running through it. Explore our collection of Southwire electrical plugs and receptacles for your application at HomElectrical.

What are Southwire Plugs and Receptacles?

Southwire plugs and receptacles or outlets are designed for providing the right amount of visibility and power to your equipment. There are extension cords, trouble lights, GFCI receptacles, and a welder adapters. A majority of these electrical tools come with a lighted end to make the user aware of when there is electricity running through the cable.

What are Southwire Plugs and Recptacles used for?

Some of Southwire equipment is used to provide a safer working environment. A GFCI outlet, for example, will provide greater protection for you and your appliances by preventing ground faults. A trouble light is another tool that creates a safer work place and used so that you can keep your visibility in the darkest of places and is commonly used in construction or mining.

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