Discover a variety of products that professionals and handymen will be able to use with ease. Enerlites is a lighting control and wiring device manufacturing company that is dedicated to creating an easier work environment for you.

Enerlites Wall Plate

Pair Enerlites receptacles and switches with Enerlites Wall Plates for matching colors available in a variety of options.

Enerlites Locking Device

Keep electrical connections secure with Enerlites Locking Devices available in both plugs and receptacles.

Enerlites Floor Box

Provide protection for floor receptacles with an Enerlites Floor Box designed to cover or hide electrical outlets when not in use.

Enerlites Receptacles

Shop for Enerlites Receptacles available in single and duplex receptacles with select models featuring USB charger receptacles.

Enerlites Ceiling Sensor

Let the lights turn themselves on and off with an Enerlites Ceiling Sensor ideal for energy savings and ease of use.

Enerlites Switch

For quality lighting controls shop Enerlites Switches available in toggle and paddle styles.

Enerlites Wall Sensor

For energy efficient solutions, choose Enerlites Wall Sensors to automatically power on and shut off lights after a designated amount of time.

Enerlites Wiring Devices

Shop for Enerlites Wiring Devices including wall jacks for phones, cable, and A/V devices designed to improve the technological capabilities in the home.

Enerlites Dimmer

Replace old light switches with Enerlites Dimmers to control lighting levels and save energy with compatible bulbs.

Enerlites Fan Speed Control

Adjust room temperatures by controlling the fan with Enerlites Fan Speed Controls available in rotary dials capable of multiple speed settings.

Enerlites Timer

Automatically turn off lights or appliances using a Enerlites Timer available in programmable and countdown options.

Enerlites Weather Proof Cover

Use Enerlites Weather Proof Covers to protect outdoor receptacles from rain, ice, sleet, or snow.

Enerlites Z-Wave

Improve home capabilities with reliable and secure Enerlites Z-Wave controls perfect for creating a smart home.

What is Enerlites?

Enerlites is a manufacturing company that focuses on lighting controls and wiring devices. Their headquarters is located in Irvine, California where they communicate with their local and national distributors. This is a company that is always trying to create the next great device.

What are some products that Enerlite sells?

  • Dimmers
  • Wall Plates
  • Occupancy & Vacancy Sensors
  • Switches and more

Why should I trust this company?

With every lighting control and wiring device that they create they are sure to put it through a grueling series of In-House tests. They make sure that everything that comes out of their factory meets the NEC, UL, ETL, FCC, and other energy efficiency requirements before it is released. They take great pride in their ability to give you products that they know are reliable and safe.They have also been known to create devices upon request to fit a certain application.
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