Enerlites Locking Device

Keep your devices from being unplugged with Enerlites Locking Devices at HomElectrical. These adapters and receptacles will make sure that while you are working on any application you won't have to re-plug a device because a fellow employee kicked it out. Browse through our selection today!

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What are Enerlites Locking Device?

These are electrical adapters or outlets that can lock once they are connected to a plug or receptacle. These are perfect for those who are constantly having to re-plug their appliances.

What's the difference between 2 pole and 3 pole?

  • 2 pole - the device plug has 2 pins and is ungrounded
  • 3 pole - the device plug has 3 pins and is grounded.

What is the difference between grounded and ungrounded adapters?

Grounded plugs have 3 prongs and ungrounded plugs have 2 prongs.

  • Grounded plugs can be used with an ungrounded adapter plug.
  • Ungrounded plugs can be used in a grounded socket.
  • A majority of mobile devices use an ungrounded adapter.

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