Enerlites Weather Proof Cover

Enerlite's Weather Proof Cover was designed to withstand all of the outdoor elements that surround you. They come in 1-2 gang sizes and are easy to install so that even a do-it-yourself handyman can install them without difficulty.

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What is an Enerlite Weather Proof Cover?

These can be considered to be the same as an In Use Cover with its main job being to protect receptacles from outdoor elements. Enerlite makes them out of polycarbonate because of their durability and being UV resistant.

What does a Weatherproof Cover protect against?

In-use-covers protect against various elements such as:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Sleet
  • Ice

What is a Single and Double Gang?

When talking about the ‘gang’ of a receptacle you are referring to the width of the box.

  • Single Gang – can fit one switch or one duplex receptacle.
  • Double Gang – can fit two switches or two duplex receptacles.

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