Enerlites Wiring Devices

Find all of your AV connector accessories and more with Enerlite's Wiring Devices from HomElectrical. If you are trying to improve the sound on your stereo with some new speakers or wanting to test out a movie with a new DVD player then we are sure to have what you need.

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What are Enerlite Wiring Devices?

There are a variety of tools for you in this section ranging wall plates to wall jacks for phones and cable. Enerlites Wiring Devices focuses mainly on the AV connectors and the accessories that can aid you in their installation and use.

What is a blank Wall Plate?

A blank wall plate is a plastic cover that has no gang openings. It is used to cover exposed wiring that could be used to wire a receptacle.

What is a Gang?

A gang is a set of switches, sockets, or other electrical or mechanical devices grouped together. A gang, however, does not always refer to the number of openings in a wall plate. A wall plate, for example, can hold two duplex receptacles and be categorized as a two-gang.

What is a Single, Duplex, or Combo Outlet Type?

  • Single – a single outlet type only features one receptacle for electrical appliances.
  • Duplex – a duplex outlet type features two receptacles for electrical appliances.
  • Combo – a combo, or combination, outlet type features a receptacle for electrical appliances and either a light or switch as well.

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