Boardwalk offers a wide variety of cleaning supplies that you are not going into any task unprepared. So no matter whether you are cleaning a hotel, hospital, or school you will be able to take on any stain. Their collection of supplies includes personal protective gear, mop heads, deodorant, sorbent, and more. Explore our selection of Boardwalk cleaning supplies for your applications at HomElectrical today!

Boardwalk Cleaning Pads

Shop for durable Boardwalk Cleaning Pads to power through tough materials like wax, paint, dirt, or grease.

Boardwalk Trash Bags

Featuring puncture resistance, Boardwalk Trash Bags come in a variety of different colors, thicknesses, and sizes to contain any mess for disposal.

Boardwalk Soaps & Dispensers

For quality antibacterial soap, choose Boardwalk Soaps and Dispensers with options available in different scents and textures.

Boardwalk Wet Mop Heads

Cleaning up liquid spills requires durable, absorbent materials like ones offered by Boardwalk Wet Mop Heads.

Boardwalk Vinyl Gloves

Protect hands when you shop for Boardwalk vinyl gloves suitable for food preparation, cleaning, painting, and other applications.

Boardwalk Urinal Supplies

For clean urinals, use Boardwalk Urinal Supplies like deodorizer blocks, screens, and mats designed to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Boardwalk Toilet Cleaner

Keep toilets fresh and clean with Boardwalk Toilet Cleaner featuring products like seat covers, bowl cleaners, and plungers.

Boardwalk Tissues & Towels

For paper towels and bathroom tissues use Boardwalk Tissues and Towels offered in 1-ply or 2-ply rolls to suit your needs.

Boardwalk Rubber Gloves

Protect hands from solvents and inorganic acids with Boardwalk Rubber Gloves, crafted from high quality neoprene and polyethylene.

Boardwalk Nitrile Gloves

For those with latex allergies, Boardwalk Nitrile Gloves protect hands from chemicals in addition to a greater resistance again wear and puncturing.

Boardwalk Mop Heads

Clean floors with ease using Boardwalk Mop Heads offered in a variety of styles and materials to absorb any liquid spill.

Boardwalk Mop Handles

Clean floors with ease using Boardwalk Mop Handles crafted with high-quality materials and designed to reach difficult areas.

Boardwalk Latex Gloves

Heavy-duty, durable Boardwalk Latex Gloves offer hand protection while improving tactile sensitivity for medical or industrial applications.

Boardwalk Floor Pads

Keep floors clean with Boardwalk Floor Pads designed to strip, polish, buff or scrub surfaces.

Boardwalk First Aid Supplies

Keep workers safe with Boardwalk First Aid Supplies including a bloodborne pathogen cleanup kit and safety sign.

Boardwalk Dusting Supplies

For effective dusting, use Boardwalk Dusting Supplies featuring soft fibers and handles to collect dust from floors, walls, and hard-to-reach areas.

Boardwalk Deodorants & Detergents

Use cost-effective Boardwalk Deodorants & and Detergents to leave a fresh scent after eliminating odors or cleaning laundry.

Boardwalk Containers

Whether holding cleaning solution or trash, Boardwalk Containers include durable, professional grade waste receptacles, carts, and spray bottles.

Boardwalk Cleaning Wipes & Rags

Clean and disinfect any surface with confidence and ease using Boardwalk Cleaning Wipes & Rags.

Boardwalk Cleaning Sponges & Squeegees

Boardwalk Cleaning Sponges and Squeegees provide a clean finish on surfaces with cleaning materials constructed of stainless steel, cellulose or rubber.

Boardwalk Cleaners, Disinfectant, & Degreasers

Use Boardwalk Cleaners, Disinfectant, and Degreasers, capable of cleaning any mess for a cleaner, more presentable environment.

Boardwalk Burnishing Pads

To clean, scrub, strip, and buff floors, shop for Boardwalk Burnishing Pads, a reusable, recyclable solution for burnishing pads.

Boardwalk Brushes

Quality Boardwalk Brushes, crafted from natural fibers, tampico, and polypropylene, can scrub surfaces or pick up dust and dirt for a cleaner environment.

Boardwalk Brooms

Shop for high quality, professional Boardwalk Brooms offered different sizes and materials for sweeping a variety of different debris and trash.

Boardwalk Air Freshener

Purchase Boardwalk Air Freshener to eliminate odors with scents like vanilla bean or cinnamon sunset.

Where can these cleaning supplies be used?

Boardwalk has a diverse collection of cleaning supplies for you to choose from so that you are able to handle any mess. They can be used in a variety of applications and locations counting:
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Plumbing and more

What are their First Aid Supplies?

First aid supplies from Boardwalk includes eye wash stations, blood clean up kit, and caution signs for wet floors. These are ideal for schools, hospitals, construction, engineering, warehouses, garages, demolition, hotels, and more.
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