Boardwalk Cleaning Pads

Boardwalk Cleaning Pads are perfect for a smooth and perfect clean every time. Each cleaning pad is made from high quality materials that will last through multiple uses. Boardwalk products provide quality, support, and savings for each individual buyer.

What is a stripping pad?

Stripping pads are great for cleaning floors with high wax build up, removing paint from walls, and stripping old wall paper. Stripping pads remove old finishing cleanly and effectively. Boardwalk stripping pads are also re-usable and washable. Made from 75-100% recycled materials.

What is an eraser pad?

An eraser pad is a disposable cleaning pad that you soak with water to clean up dirt, stains, and scuff marks on surfaces. Eraser pads are great for cleaning baseboards, cabinets, and bathrooms.
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