Boardwalk Work Gloves

Boardwalk Work Gloves are heavy-duty and durable gloves made from a variety of high quality materials; including leather, canvas, and neoprene. Ideal for harsh conditions, including working with metal, wood, or chemicals. Boardwalk products provide quality, support, and savings for each individual buyer.

What are flock lined gloves?

Flock-lined gloves are best used for janitorial services and other jobs with regular chemical handling. Flock-lined gloves are resistant to hard detergents, acids, solvents, alcohols, and alkaline. They are a flexible and protective choice.

What are Gunn-Cut Gloves?

Gunn-cut gloves have a durable design that provides better wear and comfort with high durability and protection. Gunn-cut is one of the most common patterns for heavy-duty gloves, and features the two middle fingers (the middle and ring finger) sewn into the palm from a separate piece of material.
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