Boardwalk Cleaners, Disinfectant, & Degreasers

Boardwalk Cleaners, Disinfectant, & Degreasers are high quality cleaners that ensure a perfect clean every time. They can successfully remove paint, dirt, ink, and other tough to remove materials in bathrooms, kitchens, and classrooms. Boardwalk products provide quality, support, and savings for each individual buyer.

What surfaces can glass cleaners be used on?

Glass cleaners are not an all-purpose cleaner. Glass cleaners are suggested for use on windows and most glass surfaces, including store front windows, windshields, and other surfaces. Glass cleaners can also be used on smooth surfaces, such as marble or ceramic.

Why should I get a degreaser over an all-purpose cleaner?

Degreasers and all-purpose cleaners are both able to clean-up grease. Degreasers are specialized heavy-duty cleaners. Degreasers are best for use in garages, kitchens, and other areas with an abundance of oil and grease. All-purpose cleaners are gentler cleaners, they may be used for smaller grease and oil messes. If you clean grease and oil regularly a degreaser may be the better choice.

What precautions should I take when using an ammonia based cleaner?

When using an ammonia based cleaner, make sure not to use the cleaner in an enclosed space with little air-flow. Try opening a near by window to avoid excessive inhalation, or use a face-mask. When using an ammonia cleaner it is also best to use gloves, and if cleaning over-head use protective glasses as well. Those with asthma or other lung and breathing problems may avoid using ammonia, and should stop immediately if they begin to feel irritation.
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