Boardwalk Air Freshener

Boardwalk Air Fresheners are a high quality solutions to odors in offices, classroom, and hospitals all across the United States, with a wide variety of scents they consistently perform for quality results. Boardwalk products provide quality, support, and savings for each individual buyer.

Why should I get a metered air freshener dispenser?

Metered dispensers spray fragrances automatically at measured time intervals. This effectively controls odor for up to 30 days with a single scented refill, and saves money by preventing wasteful use of manual air fresheners.

How long will my Air Fresh Scentener Refill last?

With a metered dispenser, an Air Fresh Scentener Refill should last 30 days.

Where can I use my Curve Air Freshener?

The Curve Air Freshener is perfect for use just about anywhere. It can be placed in kitchens, offices, bathrooms, and more for 30-day fragrance and odor control.
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