Dynaflux is a leading manufacturer of welding products and equipment, such as anti-spatter solvents, metal tint removers, cleaners & degreasers, dyes, metal protectors, lubricants and other industrial welding products. Work more efficiently with Dynaflux's high quality sprays and coatings for any metal work application.

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What is nozzle gel used for?

Dynaflux welding nozzle gel is great for preventing spatter buildup on your welding equipment.

How to use Dynaflux anti-spatter spray?

Spatter are imperfections that can occur from the metal not properly welding together. Too much spatter can ruin the finished look of your metal surface. In order to prevent spatter build-up on your welding projects, you can use Dynaflux anti-spatter spray.

First: Shake the aerosol can for 30 seconds.

Second: With the can at a slight angle, spray the area that you will be welding.

Third: Do not spray too much anti-spatter spray on the weld joint itself.

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