Mercury Floor Machines

Mercury Floor Machines is a strong company dedicated to to producing high durability and high performance floor maintenance machines. Mercury Floor Machines aims to create dynamic products to ensure you are using the finest floor care solutions. This company strives for excellence and showcase premier quality and dynamic value in all of their products.

What are high-speed burnishers used for?

High-Speed Burnishers are a great machines used to enhance a shining glow on a floor. It leaves the floor looking glossy and new while it is easy to operate and cover large areas of the floor space in little amounts of time.

How does a carpet extractor work?

A carpet extractor sprays water and/or cleaner onto a carpet either to get a stain out or for a deep clean. The cleaner pulls up anything that might be in the carpet which you can see the results of in the water. Often the water will be dirty due to dirt, stains, debris, or any solution that was used.
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