US Pumice

US Pumice is a manufacturer of abrasive cleaning products that are used for both residential and commercial applications. Their scouring stick and toilet cleaner are designed so that there won't be any stains or markings on your toiletry, concrete and more. These tools can be used for an array of applications including: hotels, hospitals, warehouses, garages, and more. Explore our selection of US Pumice cleaning products at HomElectrical.

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What are US Pumice Scouring Sticks used for?

US Pumice scouring sticks are designed to succeed where chemicals have failed. It can be used on a variety of hard surfaces such as toilet bowl, concrete, grills, and more. The scouring stick is safe for being used with your hands and won't damage them or the surface that they are working on. These sticks can get rid of:

  • Mineral Deposits
  • Rust
  • Stains
  • Grease
  • Carbon Buildup and more

How do you use a US Pumice Toilet Ring?

A US Pumice toilet ring has been helping with janitorial application for years. With its new handle it makes it even easier to get rid of substances that find their way in the toilet including rust and lime buildup. They are easy to use, reusable, and are safe for being around children and pets.

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