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Lincoln Industrial is dedicated to making the best lubrication equipment and components, electronic controls, and pumping systems. This company is dedicated to satisfying their customers by continuously developing new products at different facilities globally. Lincoln Industrial sells a variety of different grease guns, needle nozzles, whip hoses, and other accessories. Shop now to find which product is the right fit for you either stationary or on the go.

How do you get air out of a grease gun?

In order to get air out of a grease gun, you have to follow a few steps.
  • 1. After the grease is loaded into the grease gun, make sure to fasten the gun head without fully tightening it.
  • 2. Next you want to pull the plunger back and lock it with the end of the cap.
  • 3. Once locked in, completely tighten the grease gun head onto the cylinder.
  • 4. Have the grease gun in an open position and disconnect the plunger rod from the end cap while rotating the rod. The notch that towards the end of the plunger should unlock at the opening of the steel cap. Make sure that you lock the plunger into the rod.
  • 5. Push the plunger rod inside the cylinder while keeping the air release valve pressed. If the rod goes in easily, it is not locked. Repeat until all trapped air is released.
  • 6. Now rotate the plunger rod again to disconnect it from the plunger and push it inside the grease gun cylinder. Once you do this, start to operate the grease gun and grease will begin to come out. make sure you let it flow out until you see bubbles.
  • 7.Once all of the air is released, connect the extension and coupler to the gun outlet and the gun should be operational. If not, repeat the steps to make sure all air has been released.

What is a grease gun used for?

A grease gun is a tool that is meant to provide lubrication. The grease gun applies the lubricant to a specific part or point; usually on a grease fitting also called a nipple.
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