Weller is a trusted leader in soldering tools and equipment ideal for your industrial needs. Their high quality and durable soldering irons, tips, and soldering guns provide a perfect heating system to make precise and high quality metal to metal connections.

What is desoldering pump used for?

An anti-static desoldering pump is used to remove solder from a metal to metal connection. Once the material is heated with the soldering iron, the pump works like vacuum, sucking up the melted solder.

Which soldering iron tip do I need?

The three most commonly used soldering iron tips are:

Bevel Tip: This is a flat surface tip that is great for holding more solder, and soldering small gauge wires together.

Chisel Tip: This is a broad tip that is great for desoldering, mounting large surfaces together, and soldering through holes.

Conical Tip: This pointed soldering iron tip is ideal for delivering heat to small surfaces.

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