Reynolds Consumer Products is the result of the joining between two brands, Hefty and Reynolds. While these two brands may have joined together it has not affected how good their products are. Reynolds and Hefty are still making trash bags that are good enough for both waste disposal and storage. Features of their trash bags include: drawstrings or flaps, odor protection, puncture resistant, and more. These can be used for landscaping, construction, or any place that needs to clean up. Venture through our collection of Reynold trash bags for your applications at HomElectrical today!

What are Reynolds Hefty Trash Bags?

Reynolds Hefty trash bags are commonly used to dispose of any waste but they can also be used as a storage bag.

Some features of these trash bags include:

  • Can hold between 13 and 30 gallons of waste
  • Odor protected to prevent fowl smelling odors from escaping into the area
  • Uses drawstrings or flaps based on your preference
  • Puncture proof to prevent leaks

What can Reynolds Hefty Trash Bags be used for?

Reynolds trash bags can be used for a variety of applications that involve disposing of or storing materials including:

  • Donations
  • Yard Cleanup
  • Construction Cleanup
  • Garage and Basement Cleanup
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