Arrow Fastener

Arrow Fastener is a company that develops stapling tools for both commercial and residential purposes. They carry an array of plier type staplers, hammer tackers, round crown staples, plier staples, and more. Explore our selection of of Arrow Fastener products that are ideal for schools, hotels, construction, or any project that needs fastening at HomElectrical.

What types of staples and staplers does Arrow Fastener have?

Arrow Fastener has a full collection of staples and staplers for you to choose from counting:
  • Plier Staples
  • Round Crown Staples
  • Wire Staples
  • Hammer Tacker
  • Plier Type Stapler and more

What are Arrow Fastener tools used for?

Much like it says in their name, Arrow Fastener, the tools that come from them are designed for fastening or tightening down certain materials. This can be used in an array of applications and locations including:
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Electrical
  • Construction
  • Hotels
  • Carpentry and much more
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