WD-40 is the leading manufacturer of oil penetrating lubricant sprays, degreasers, and industrial cleaning products. Although their WD-40 aerosol spray is one of the their best sellers, they also have a line of automobile cleaners, stain removers, and commercial cleaning supplies. Shop through our supply of WD-40 products today!

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Can WD-40 spray be used to clean stainless steel?

WD-40 spray can be used to clean water marks, fingerprints, and scuff marks from your stainless steel appliances. The penetrating liquid also serves as a protectant against further marks on the metal.

Will WD-40 remove rust?

WD-40 can be used to lift up the rust from your metal surfaces. Simply spray the liquid onto the surface, let sit for about five to ten minutes, and sand away any rust. This process can be repeated for desired results.
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