Dial is a trusted american brand of soaps, skin cleaners, lotions, and tissues. Dial is focused on providing products that are safe, sustainable, and made from great quality products. Each of their products is FDA approved and can be used in retail, commercial, medical, and industrial environments.

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How many uses are in a 7.5 oz bottle of dial hand soap?

Depending on how many pumps are used per wash, Dial 7.5oz hand soap can last up to 125 washes, or 125 pumps. Dial hand soap is designed for washing hand and lower arms only.

Does Dial Soap work in hard water?

Dial soap works in all water types, including both hard and soft water. Simply scrub soap into a lather and then use. You should not use water to dilute dial soaps though, as the water may have impurities that will mess with Dial soap formula.
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