Rod Guard

Rod Guard is a company that has been creating canisters since 1981. Their design of a threaded canister is a high quality product that is able to keep the rods, electrodes, and filler metals protected for a welder. Rod Guard canisters come in a variety of lengths from 12-36 inches long based on the customers applications. Discover our collection of Rod Guard canisters at HomElectrical today!

What are the features of a Rod Guard Canister?

Some features of a Rod Guard canister can include:

  • Threaded cap
  • Made from high impact polyethelene
  • Can be between 12-36 inches in length based on your needs
  • Shields your electrodes from being damaged by atmospheric moisture
  • Cap is made with neoprene seal making it airtight
  • Chloride free

What are Rod Guard Canisters used for?

A Rod Guard canister is designed to be used by welders and their electrodes. The canister will keep the electrodes, rods, and filler metals from being damaged.

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