Schwank Heater

Keep your outdoor space warm all year round with Schwank Heater! Schwank makes a variety of gas and radiant electric heaters that keep business booming, even in the dead of winter! Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect outdoor heating system from Schwank!
Schwank Heater

Schwank Patio Heaters

Keep your patio warm all year round with outdoor patio heaters from Schwank! Choose from a variety of options including natural gas, infrared electric, liquid propane, and parasol stand heaters.

What types of heaters does Schwank offer?

Schwank offers a variety of energy efficient electric, natural-gas, and propane fueled infrared heaters for commercial outdoor areas, like restaurant patios. With an outdoor heater, restaurant owners no longer need to worry about losing business in the winter months due to a lack of outdoor seating, and they work in a variety of food service supply and other applications such as warehouses, catered events, and stadiums. Schwank offers many patio heater options in a variety of sizes, colors, and fuel options, such as:

SupremeSchwank features a sleek black finish that easily blends in with patio décor. These gas-fueled heaters offer a 2-stage option and can be post-mounted or mounted from the wall or ceiling. Length options include 30.5, 43.5, and 48.25-in and heat output options include 23,000, 35,000, and 50,000 BTU/HR.

BistroSchwank offers a choice between a black and stainless steel finish, as well as single-stage and 2-stage options. It measures 44 inches long and offers a variety of mounting brackets for more flexibility. Heat output options include 35,000 and 50,000 BTU/HR. They feature a built-in gas line to eliminate the need for propane tanks.

ParasolSchwank offers portable heating solutions for spaces with no wall-mount or ceiling-mount option. They have natural gas (fixed stand) and propane patio heater (portable) options. The stainless steel finish allows these units to blend into your space’s existing décor. They stand at a height of 90 inches, with a width of 30 inches and they provide a heat output of 38,000 BTU/HR.

ElectricSchwank provides an electric patio heater solution as well as a solution for indoor spaces. A bulb provides the heat, and you can choose between single and dual bulb options with length options including 19.5, 33, 39, and 61.25-in and control options include on/off, variable, and 2-stage. The stainless steel finish blends in with your décor, and the mounting options include ceiling, flush-mount, and post-mount.

What are the benefits of infrared heating?

Infrared heat warms people and objects rather than the air itself, so no amount of heat gets lost trying to warm the surrounding air. Infrared radiant heating offers many benefits including energy savings, since no energy gets wasted heating the air, and a better air quality, since they don’t dry out the air or spread dust. This creates a safe and clean outdoor living space that offers just as much comfort as indoors! Infrared heaters also produce no sound, which customers will certainly enjoy!
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