Schwank Patio Heaters

Keep your restaurant patio or other outdoor space warm all year long with a patio heater from Schwank! Schwank offers natural gas, liquid propane, and electric patio heaters that come in a wide variety of size, voltage, and BTU options. Shop HomElectrical to find the right heating solution for your patio today!

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What are the uses of outdoor patio heaters?

An outdoor patio heater sees use in many types of outdoor spaces during the colder months, such as restaurant patios, catered events, warehouses, and stadiums. Unlike an indoor space heater, patio heaters withstand a variety of weather conditions, such as snow and rain. A commercial patio heater allows business owners to keep outdoor spaces open all year round, allowing as many customers as possible to sit comfortably outdoors.

What types of patio heaters does Schwank offer?

Schwank offers many types of outdoor heaters including:

Natural gas patio heater: These heaters have built-in gas lines, eliminating the need for propane tanks and resulting in a lower gas bill. Black and stainless steel finish options allow you to match the aesthetics of your patio, while overhead mounting saves space. Length options for these 24v heaters include 30.5, 43.5, 44, and 48.25, while BTU options include 25,000, 35,000, 36500/50000, and 50,000 BTU/H, and they come in single stage and dual stage options.

Infrared electric patio heater: Infrared radiant heaters give off heat using infrared waves to warm people and objects rather than the surrounding air. A bulb heats up the exchanger, and then the fan pushes the air around. This type of heater avoids heat loss and these heaters don’t diminish the air quality since they don’t cause airflow, don’t dry out the air, and don’t burn fuel. They also require almost no maintenance.

Schwank offers single and dual bulb infrared heaters with sizes including 19-in, 33-in, 39-in, and 61-in, and voltage options include 120V, 208V, and 240V. All Schwank infrared patio heaters feature a stainless steel finish with mounting options including ceiling, flush mount/recessed, and post-mount.

Liquid propane patio heater: An outdoor propane patio heater runs on liquid propane, which makes these heaters highly efficient since propane delivers more BTUs per hour than natural gas. Schwank offers single and dual stage options, with lengths including 30.5, 43.5, and 44. BTU options include 25,000, 35,000, and 50,000 BTU/H and finish options include black and stainless steel.

Parasol stand heater: Parasol heaters provide heat without needing a wall or roof to mount a heater and they run on liquid propane and come in fixed and portable options. With a 90-inch height and a conical shape, these heaters focus radiant energy on the floor. They give off 38000 BTU/H and the stainless steel finish allows the heater to blend in with any décor.

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