General Protecht

General Protecht is one of the premiere GFCI and electrical companies. Their products are designed with energy efficient LEDs in mind, setting them ahead of other manufacturers that are still stuck on incandescent systems. Their GFCIs have won energy efficiency and design awards the world over. If you're looking for dependable GFCIs from a trusted company, then look no futher than General Protecht.
General Protecht

General Protecht Receptacle Outlet

Provide power with General Protecht Receptacle Outlet featuring tamper resistance with models available in standard or decora styles.

General Protecht Wall Plate

Pair General Protecht Wall Plates with General Protecht switches and receptacles for color compatibility and durability.

General Protecht Emergency & Exit Light

Low maintenance, long-lasting General Protecht Emergency and Exit Lights illuminate and mark pathways to the nearest exit when the power goes out during an emergency.

General Protecht GFCI Outlet

Prevent ground faults with General Protecht GFCI Outlets which indicate when the outlet trips and no longer receive power.

General Protecht Light Switch

For toggle or rocker switches choose General Protecht Light Switches featuring easy installation in existing wall switch boxes.

General Protecht Dimmer Switches

Shop durable, long-lasting General Protecht Dimmer Switches available in combination, rotary, and touch options.

General Protecht Cords

Shop General Protecht Cords for quality electrical wiring featuring 3 or 4-prong dryer cords.

Why do I have to use specific dimmer switches for LED systems?

Incandescent dimmers work by turning the power off and on to bulbs very quickly. With an incandescent bulb the energy spikes like this are fine, since the human eye can't detect the flickering in the light. LED lights, however, require precise amount of energy to operate at, and their drivers and ballasts can't handle the fluctuations in power caused by incandescent dimmers. LED dimmers just limit the amount of power that's sent to the bulb in order to dim the light.

What do I need to look for when buying a wall plate?

Wall plates should all match in the building you're installing them in, so make sure you purchase enough of a matching set. You should also make sure that the wall plate has the right size and number of holes on the plate, known as, "gangs."
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