General Protecht Light Switch

Quickly find your light switch in a poorly lit or dark space with the help of a neon light. Find a variety of General Protecht light switches that have LED night lights and neon lights to help keep the room lit regardless of whether the lights are turned on or off. Installation, no problem, with these light switches they can easily fit into any existing wall switch box. Explore HomElectrical's large selection of light switches today!

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What are 15 Amp Light Switches used for?

15 amp light switches are ideal for residential locations. They should be connected to a 14 gauge wire, which is found in most homes.

Where to us Single Pole vs. 3 Way?

Single Pole - is ideal for locations with a single point of entry like a bedroom, bathroom, or office.

3 Way - is ideal for locations with multiple points of entry like a hallway or stairwell.

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