General Protecht Receptacle Outlet

Get the electrical outlets that are designed for new and renovated homes at HomElectrical. General Protecht receptacle outlets are perfect for any indoor environment as they are tamper resistant and are made from thermoplastic. This will give you a longer lasting outlet that will not need to be changed no matter how many times it is dropped on the way to installation. Discover the right electrical outlet for your application at HomElectrical today!

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What is Decora vs. a Standard Control Style?

Decora Style Outlets - are rectangular and use the same cover plates as rectangular decor rocker switches.

Standard Style Outlets - feature circular receptacles and require a different cover plate.

What is Tamper Resistant?

Tamper resistant receptacles contain an internal, spring-loaded shutter that does not allow the entry of foreign objects. The shutter will not permit an electrical connection unless the pressure on both sides of the internal shutter is even. This feature is ideal for residential locations, schools, or day cares because it prevents children from accidentally electrocuting themselves and is safer than an outlet cover because it does not present a choking hazard.

What is Thermoplastic used for?

Thermoplastic is a highly durable and impact resistant material. These outlet are all made from it ensuring that they have a long life span.
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