Packaging Dynamics

Packaging Dynamics is a manufacturer of liquid filling equipment and machinery. They are dedicated to providing the proper sanitation to a variety of commercial applications including: schools, construction sites, hotels, hospitals, and more. Their nap sack and shield printed toilet seat are designed to provide comfort and convenience to the user. Nap sacks are waxed, disposable, bags that are easy to use and their shield printed toilet seats provide an easy way to mark and identify what toilets are sanitary. Explore our selection of Packaging Dynamics cleaning and sanitation tools for your application at HomElectrical.

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What are Packaging Dynamics Nap Sacks used for?

Nap sacks from Packaging Dynamics are made from waxed paper that are leak resistant and have an undercut lip that allows for an easy opening. These can be used by customers or employees to dispose of trash or to have some belongings in one location that is easy to reach. Nap sacks can be applied to hospitals, hotels, construction, demolition, and more.

What are Packaging Dynamics shield printed toilet seats used for?

Packaging Dynamic shield printed toilet seats are a type of marker that is used for identifying a toilet seat that has been cleaned. This is perfect for commercial applications since there are always going to be people coming in and out of the restrooms. These can be used for hotels, hospitals, construction sites, offices, demolition sites, warehouses, garages, and more.

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