HomElectrical is a leader in the electrical supply industry offering more than 25,000 different electrical supplies. Each of their products is designed to bring them a little bit closer to helping others reach a cleaner and greener way of living. Their electrical outlets, wallplates, and light switches are no different. They can be used for construction, hotels, hospitals, and so much more. Explore a wide variety of electrical supplies for your applications at HomElectrical.

What are HomElectrical Receptacles used for?

Receptacles or outlets from HomElectrical come in a wide variety of forms including standard and decora. There are also duplex, single, and combo outlets that you are able to choose from. These can be used for an array of application counting: construction, engineering, electrical, and more.

What are HomElectrical Switches and Wallplates used for?

HomElectrical switches and wallplates are made from nylon which is a type of thermoplastic so you will have a long lasting product. Wallplates are available in combination and decora so that they can fit a variety of switches and receptacles. Their switches have two different forms including toggle and rocker switches. These electrical supplies can be used for electrical, construction, engineering, schools, hotels, hospitals, and a variety of other applications.

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