MCR Safety

MCR Safety is an industry leading company dedicated to manufacturing safety products such as gloves, glasses, and garments. MCR Safety has a wide selection of hand protection, function and fashion glasses, and visibility and breathable garments, such as rainwear, to keep you safe. This company aims to provide solutions to hazards in a workplace while using the highest quality materials to guarantee maximum safety, comfort, and style.

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What type of hand protection do MCR Safety gloves provide?

MCR Safety glove provide protection against cuts, punctures, tears, abrasions, heat, and cold. There are different types of gloves, made of leather, cotton, and string, that help increase the quality of MCR Safety gloves.

Why would I wear a safety vest?

Safety vests are very helpful when working outside, especially in the dark or rain, to help you get noticed by on-goers. Whether you are on a site or conducting traffic, safety vests help people spot you so that they can avoid not seeing you and causing an accident.
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