Polyken is a manufacturer of tape and adhesion products that are commonly used in an array of industries including: automotive, industrial, arts and entertainment, and HVAC. Their liquid and tape based adhesives can be used for a wide variety of applications construction, demolition, electrical, plumbing, and more. Explore our selection of Polyken adhesives for your project at HomElectrical.

What are Polyken adhesives used for?

Polyken adhesives come in both liquid and tape forms. These are generally used for when objects need a temporary or permanent placement. It can be used in construction, demolition, electrical, plumbing, industrial, engineering, and more.

What is the difference between a liquid and tape adhesive?

Liquid based adhesives from Polyken are generally used for more permanent applications. While tape adhesives are designed to be used for a temporary placement. Depending on the type of application that you are working on the type of adhesive is going to be different for your needs.

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