Dixon Graphite

Dixon Graphite has been a leading manufacturer in the graphite industry for centuries. Dixon provides products and equipment suitable for construction, woodwork, metal work, and several other industries. Browse through their selection of worm clamps, graphite marking & measuring tools, fittings, fastening tools, and more.
Dixon Graphite

Dixon Graphite Auto & Machine Maintenance

For car and machine lubricants choose Dixon Graphite Auto & Machine Maintenance products including microfine graphite lubricant capable of conducting electricity.

Dixon Graphite Fastening Tool

Choose Dixon Graphite Fastening Tools for safety pins and clamps capable of securing items for maintenance or repair.

Dixon Graphite Fittings & Couplings

A leader in corrosion- and rust-resistant hydraulic and pneumatic parts, Dixon Graphite Fittings and Couplings work to connect pipes safely.

Dixon Graphite Worm Clamps

Secure hoses to fittings with Dixon Graphite Worm Clamps featuring a screw tightening device to ensure a proper seal, suitable for a variety of industries.

Dixon Graphite Marking Tools

$11.95Case of 12
For heavy-duty writing instruments purchase Dixon Graphite Marking Tools like lumber crayons, railroad chalk, or carpenter marking pencils ideal for carpentry or railroad applications.

What can worm clamps be used for?

Dixon Graphite offers several worm clamps that are ideal for attaching and fastening hoses. Also referred to as hose clamps, these stainless steel worm gear clamps interlock to prevent liquids and fumes from escaping the hose . They can used used to fasten nearly anything, and are a great addition to your tool box.

Will Dixon Graphite marking tools work on any surface?

These graphite marking tools are suitable for carpenters and mechanics for easy measuring. Their soft graphite material allows you to write on nearly any surface including:

  • wood
  • metal
  • concrete
  • cement
  • iron

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