River City

River City is a leading brand of protective safety wear and high visibility gear for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. They specialize in a wide range of protective wear, including a wide selection of safety vests, rain suits and flame resistant clothing. Stay safe in the workplace with River City protective wear!

Is my safety vest ANSI compliant?

All high visibility protective wear must be certified and labeled as ANSI/ISEA 107 and ANSI/ISEA 207 and meet all standards regarding roadway safety and traffic control regulations.

All River City safety garments have the following standard reflective background colors:

  • lime green
  • orange
  • red

What is the difference between the three ANSI classes?

Class I: Class I high visibility materials provide only a minimal amount protection and should only be used for off-road applications.

Class II: Class II also offers a minimum level of protection and visibility for workers exposed to temporary traffic control areas.

Class III: Class III materials provide the most level of visibility for workers.

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