Krylon has a large amount of aerosol spray paints and enamels to help you custom design a project. Krylon was the first, and is still, the largest supplier of aerosol paints in the world. There are no boundaries when using Krylon products when focusing on innovation, package design, project inspiration, or just adding a pop of color somewhere new. You can find colors that will inspire you in any project, and with different features, you can spray paint on any medium. It's your turn to bring the colors to life!

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Are all of the spray paints used indoor and outdoor?

Krylon products are not all meant for indoor and outdoor purposes. Some of the spray paints are used for both, but the aerosol can will usually tell you if it is Interior/Exterior, or you will have to read the description if it is not listed in the title. May of the spray paint products are used both for interior and exterior projects.

What are the Rust Tough Aerosol Enamels useful for?

Rust Tough Aerosol Enamels are great to use on any material including: steel, aluminum, wood, and most other metals. This aerosol also dries within 12 minutes to make jobs quicker and easier for you to finish. In addition, this spray paint resists oil, weather, corrosion, gas, and is rust free!
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