Morcon is a leading converter of napkin, towel, tissue, and specialty products to help clean up the world. They believe in providing value to their products and often sell products for food service, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, and sanitation markets. Morcon believes in investing in both their customers and products and focus on renewing energy and producing the best quality products possible.

What is the difference between fold paper towels and roll towels?

Fold paper towels are pre-folded and are available for you to take individually. These easy-grab products are ideal for busy bathrooms and their size ensure hassle-free restocking. Roll towels are also ideal for bathrooms that are busy, but they are not individually ready so you will have to often use a machine to access the towels which put out different dimensions.

What is the difference between one-ply and two-ply bath tissue?

Two-ply bath tissue tends to be more durable than one-ply bath tissue, but both are premium quality and are durable. One-ply are often used more frequently for septic tanks, RVs, or other mobile restrooms, while 2-ply is more used in a home.
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