MRCOOL provides innovative and reliable technology to keep your home or business comfortable. MRCOOL carries a quality selection of single and multi-zone ductless mini split air conditioners, indoor air handlers, outdoor condensers, and much more. Shop at HomElectrical for a wide variety of quality heating and cooling systems from MRCOOL.

DIY Series Air Conditioner

Offering a selection of ductless mini split systems, indoor air handlers, and more, the MRCOOL DIY series helps keep the air comfortable in your building. These systems allow you to install it yourself without any special knowledge or tools. Shop HomElect


MRCOOL offers a wide range of accessories that work with a variety of MRCOOL products. Find accessories, including line sets, couplers, thermostats, tool bags, and much more with MRCOOL’s selection of accessories. Shop HomElectrical for MRCOOL accessories

Advantage Series Air Conditioner

A-24-HP-C-230B A-24-HP-WMAH-230B
A-09-HP-C-115B A-09-HP-WMAH-115B
A mini split system heats and cools spaces without a central system. Keep your building comfortable with wall mounted air handlers, outdoor condensers, and air conditioner and heat pump options from the MRCOOL Advantage series. Shop HomElectrical for more

Universal Series Air Conditioner

Provide efficient heating and cooling with the MRCOOL Universal series, which features a selection of air handlers, heat pump condensers, and central heat pump systems.

Olympus Series Air Conditioner

Provide comfortable air to your home or building with MRCOOL Olympus series air conditioning options, including mini split heat pump condensers, mini split air handlers, ductless ceiling cassette air handlers, and more.

Signature Series Air Conditioner

The MRCOOL Signature series provides a selection of modular blowers, packaged air conditioners, heat pump condensers, and packaged gas and electric units to provide comfortable air to your building.

U-Shaped Air Conditioning Window Unit

MRCOOL offers window air conditioner units that feature a revolutionary U-shaped design to keep out unwanted noise while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home

ProDirect Series

MRCOOL’s ProDirect series includes a selection of AC condensers, air handlers, and split system heat pumps to help keep your space comfortable!

Water Dispenser & Accessories

Choose fresh tasting drinking water with MRCOOL water dispensers and accessories, including water dispensers with UV sanitation as well as a selection of filters.

Industrial Fan

Provide cool air to gyms, malls, factories, and more with the MRCOOL Industrial fan.

Package Terminal Air Conditioner & Heat Pumps

MRCOOL Package Terminal air conditioners and heat pumps come in a selection of BTU and kilowatt options to help keep your space comfortable!

GeoCool Air Conditioner

Deliver comfortable air with the efficient MRCOOL GeoCool air conditioner options, including geothermal heat pump options available in vertical and horizontal orientations.

What products does MRCOOL offer?

MRCOOL offers a wide selection of products to heat or cool your home, including:

  • DIY Series - ductless mini split heat pump and air conditioner systems that can install without specialized knowledge or equipment.
  • U-Shaped Air Conditioning Window Units - revolutionary U-Shaped design keeps out unwanted noise.
  • ProDirect Series - outdoor condenser and indoor air handler options that feature automatic defrost programs and other additional benefits.
  • Water Dispensers & Accessories - offers fresh tasting drinking water with various filter options as well as filtration systems.
  • Industrial Fans - feature a Tubercle blade design meant to attain a stronger airflow, cover a larger area, and reduce the main source of noise and vibration.
  • Package Terminal Air Conditioner & Heat Pumps - install through the wall to help provide conditioned air to spaces like hotels, dormitories, and more
  • Universal Series - utilizes DC Inverter technology to provide an energy efficient heating or cooling experience.
  • Signature Series - selection of quality packaged HVAC units, modular blowers, heat pump condensers, and more.
  • Olympus Series - ductless mini split components, including air conditioner and heat pump technology, ceiling cassettes, and wall mounted air handlers.
  • GeoCool Air Conditioner - energy efficient geothermal heat pumps.
  • Advantage Series - ductless mini split air conditioner and heat pump units.
  • Accessories - accessories, including line sets, thermostats, and more that work with specified MRCOOL products.

What is a ductless mini split system?

A ductless mini split system uses two main units, the indoor unit and outdoor unit, to provide conditioned air. Indoor units, or air handlers, install inside the home or building and distribute the cool air. Depending on the type of unit, the air handler may wall or ceiling mount directly in the room you wish to cool. The outdoor condenser installs outside of the home and releases the warm air from the home.

The ductless mini split air conditioning system works well in homes without ducts, like older homes or apartments. A single zone system uses one condenser and one indoor unit. A multi-zone system uses one condenser and up to four air handlers depending on the unit.

What is the difference between central air and mini split systems?

Mini split systems control the temperature in a single or multi-zone space. Central systems typically can control the temperature of an entire home or building and use ductwork to transfer air.

What is a package terminal air conditioner?

Package terminal air conditioners, also called PTACs, install directly through the wall. As a single unit, a PTAC requires only the unit itself. They do not require ductwork. Traditionally, they work in hotels, but they can also see use in dormitories, senior centers, and other similar locations.

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