MRCOOL Universal Series Air Conditioner

The MRCOOL Universal series offers innovative technology to heat and cool your home. The Universal series utilizes DC inverter technology to maintain an ideal temperature while providing energy efficiency. Shop HomElectrical to find MRCOOL Universal air handlers, heat pump condensers, and more!

What does the MRCOOL Universal series offer?

The MRCOOL Universal series consists of a selection of quality heating and cooling components, including heat pump condensers, air handlers, A-coils, and central heat pump split systems. Using a dip switch setting, the condensers can be field converted from 2-3 ton or from 4-5 ton depending on the model. Look for MRCOOL Universal series line sets in our MRCOOL Accessories category.

The Universal series offers the following additional benefits:

  • Low noise
  • Slim condenser design
  • Compatible with any third-part thermostat (including NEST thermostats)
  • Versatile application
  • Energy efficient (up to 20 SEER)
  • 10-year warranty on all parts to original registered end-user
  • Gold-Fin corrosion resistance

Unlike the DIY series, the Universal series requires a professional to complete the installation process.

What is a central heat pump system?

Unlike an air conditioner, heat pumps provide both heating and cooling. Heat pumps use a refrigeration system to transfer heat into a space to provide heat and out of the space to cool. An air source heat pump exchanges this heat with the air while a geothermal heat pump exchanges heat with the ground. The MR COOL Universal series offers an air source heat pump.

A central heat pump system, like a central air conditioner, uses ductwork to transfer this air. The central split system relies on two units: an indoor unit, the indoor air handler, and an outdoor unit, the condenser.

What is an inverter?

Most heating and air conditioning units cycle on and off depending on the set temperature. They turn on, adjust the temperature to the desired set point, and then shut off again. In addition to causing wear and tear on the system, this cycle can lead to major temperature fluctuations and inefficient energy consumption.

The inverter allows the system to control the motor speed and continuously adjust the temperature. This eliminates the same harsh on/off cycles and leads to a more energy efficient operation without extreme temperature variations.

Why choose MRCOOL?

MRCOOL offers a wide variety of HVAC solutions that use a state-of-the-art manufacturing process. Their advanced designs provide quality products with high levels of efficiency and comfortability.

Their innovative DIY series offers the only true DIY mini split system designed for amateurs to install. They come with pre-charged line sets.

They also offer package terminal air conditioners and heat pumps, industrial fans, water dispensers and filters, and much more.

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