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MRCOOL offers a wide variety of accessories for their air conditioning and heating products. These products come in a range of wattage and heating capacity options to help heat and cool your home. Shop HomElectrical to discover a collection of MRCOOL accessories!

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What accessories does MRCOOL offer?

MRCOOL offers a wide range of accessories including:

  • Mini Split Line Set: a refrigeration line. Works with air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Comes in a variety of liquid line and suction line sizes.
  • Tools and Tool Bags: allow you to easily work on your DIY series system.
  • Programmable thermostat including options such as scheduling, zone control, and a connection to WiFi and phone.
  • The BodyCool Cooling T-shirt: circulates cold water through the shirt to keep the wearer cool.
  • Coupler kits: Connects the Quick-Connect Line Set with another line set, extending its length.
  • Flare to Weld Fitting: completes the connection from the air handler to the condenser.
  • Quick-Connect Line Set: comes pre-charged for the precise amount of refrigerant needed for the 2–3-ton MRCOOL Universal heat pump split system.
  • Square to Round Adapter Kit: allows a connection of a round duct directly to the supply and return of the package unit.
  • ProDirect Heat Kit: works with air handlers as a heating element.
  • Propane Conversion Kit: works with the Signature Series Single Stage Gas Furnace Line. The propane Conversion Kit for AC & Gas Package Unit works for the Signature Series of Air Conditioner and Gas Package Units.
  • Signature Downflow Kit: includes many parts for 3, 3.5, 4, and 5-ton air handlers.
  • Low Ambient Kit: allows condenser operation at 30-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Heat Kits and Heat Strips: provide emergency heat for a range of MRCOOL units.
  • Extended Architectural Grille: protects the package terminal unit and offers a stylish design while staying functional.
  • The Line Set Cover Kit for Ductless Mini Split: protects and prolongs the life of the HVAC system and works with conventional unitary systems and mini split systems.

What MRCOOL products are these accessories compatible with?

MRCOOL accessories work with a wide range of MRCOOL products such as the DIY Series Systems and the Universal DC Inverter Technology Series. Each product works with specified items, so make sure to check the label and purchase products compatible with your system.

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