MRCOOL Advantage Series Air Conditioner

The MRCOOL Advantage Series provides a comfortable, energy efficient heating and cooling solution while staying affordable. With many size and BTU/H options, this series of mini splits has everything you need to cool and heat your home from indoor to outdoor units to the electrical heat pump. Shop HomElectrical to explore the MRCOOL Advantage Series Air Conditioner today!

What is a mini split system?

A mini split system functions as a solution for spaces with no central HVAC system. A ductless mini split air conditioner has two main components: the indoor air handler and the outdoor condenser. Air-source heat pumps convert the outdoor air into warm or cool air, while a line of refrigerant connects the two parts, moving heat or cool air from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit.

Mini split systems come in single-zone and multi-zone options. A single-zone system heats only a single room or space, while a multi-zone system attaches multiple air handlers to a single outdoor unit. In a space without central heating systems and cooling systems, a mini split provides the most efficient solution compared to another type of system.

Why choose the Advantage Series?

MRCOOL’s Advantage series features single-zone systems, perfect for areas such as garages and sunrooms. This series comes in many options to fit the specific needs of the space, with BTU options including 9,000 BTU/H, 12,000 BTU/H, 18,000 BTU/H, 24,000 BTU/H, and 36,000 BTU/H. Larger spaces require a higher number of BTU/H. Advantage Series mini split systems can cover between 500 to 1,800 square feet. The energy efficiency helps reduce carbon emissions, even during extreme temperatures. Operating at high efficiencies, this series will provide comfort all year long and keep energy costs low.

Mini split systems come with many pros and cons, but the Advantage mini split offers features that you can’t find anywhere else, including:

  • Connect to smartphone and home assistants including Google Home and Alexa
  • “Follow Me” function: keep the remote close to you and the system will track the temperature around you to keep you comfortable
  • Leakage detection: sounds an alarm if the system detects low coolant
  • Low ambient cooling: ideal for server rooms, greenhouses, and other applications that require cooling all year
  • Auto restart in case of power outage
  • Sleep mode to save money
  • Louver position memory
  • Corrosion resistance
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