MRCOOL ProDirect Series

Stay comfortable when you choose the MRCOOL ProDirect Series! MRCOOL's ProDirect series includes air conditioner condensers, air handlers, and split system heat pump options. Choose HomElectrical to find quality MRCOOL ProDirect Series central split system air conditioner and heat pump systems!

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What is a central split system HVAC system?

A central heating and air conditioning system features heating and cooling systems that supply conditioned air from a central location. Split systems use two units: indoor and outdoor units. Indoor units, often air handlers or furnaces, and outdoor units, the outdoor condenser. Central HVAC methods typically rely on a duct system to heat or cool a home or building. However, they can also refer to ductless systems, like a ductless mini split air conditioner or ductless mini split heat pump. MRCOOL's ProDirect series utilizes a central split system design that relies on ductwork to circulate conditioned air.

For more information about central split system HVAC systems, check out our blog Split System vs. Package Air Conditioning Units.

What is the difference between a heat pump and air conditioner?

Air conditioners typically only cool while heat pumps can provide both heating and cooling. Air conditioners and heat pumps use a refrigeration process to pull warmth from the air, cooling the room down:

  • Refrigerant travels between the indoor air handling unit and the outdoor condensing unit. As the refrigerant travels through the evaporator coil, the blower fan pulls warm air from the room and passes it over the coil.
  • The refrigerant absorbs the heat energy from the air and travels to the compressor and condenser coil.
  • Using pressure, the condenser coil allows the refrigerant to release that heat energy outdoors. The refrigerant then condenses back into a liquid.
  • This process repeats until the room or building reaches the temperature set on the thermostat.

Heat pumps can reverse this process, pulling warmth from the outside air and transferring it indoors.

What does the ProDirect series offer?

MRCOOL's ProDirect series features outdoor condenser and air handler options. They offer these additional features:

  • Galvanized steel cabinet
  • Environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant
  • 24V low voltage control
  • Pressure and temperature sensors help prevent damage
  • Protective louvered steel coil guard
  • Goldfin corrosion protection
  • Automatic, intelligent defrost programs
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • AHRI certified
  • ETL listed
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