MRCOOL Industrial Fan

If you need to cool a large space, MRCOOL Industrial Ceiling Fans provide the best energy-efficient solution to get your air circulating! MRCOOL’s selection of high volume, low speed fans make large spaces feel 10 degrees cooler without increasing the air conditioning bill. Shop HomElectrical to find an industrial fan for your facility today.

What is the purpose of an industrial fan?

In large open spaces such as factories, gymnasiums, and airports, high-volume low speed, or hvls ceiling fans efficiently cool the space and improve air quality by moving a large volume of air. An industrial ceiling fan saves space by installing on the ceiling instead of taking up room on the floor like a drum fan or pedestal fan and allows the air movement to come from a central location. In the winter, reverse the direction of the fan to circulate warm air, allowing you to lower the thermostat without compromising comfort.

What are the benefits of a MRCOOL Industrial Fan?

MRCOOL Industrial fans offer a high efficiency solution to industrial heating and cooling needs. The patented Cool Blade Tubercle technology attains a stronger airflow and covers more area than fans from competing brands. The fan blade design also reduces wingtip stall, which in turn reduces noise and vibration. These blades work with the UL and CE Certified NORD motor to ensure silent, efficient operation. Choose from three size options: 14, 18, or 24-feet.

Control the fan using the Honeywell Controller, which also works as a phase converter which allows a standard 220-volt installation for the 3-phase motor. Additionally, these fans have a low cost and require very little maintenance.

These fans come with many safety features including:

  • Steel wire safety rope
  • Type I safety connector
  • Anti-falling expansion sleeve
  • I-Type blade safety chips
  • Maximum strength grade fasteners
  • Locking fasteners
  • Reinforced blades
  • Reinforced screws
  • Electrical overload protection
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