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Keep your home cool and comfortable with the reliable and affordable MrCool central ducted system! MrCool’s easy-to-install central system provides energy-efficient comfort. The multi-position installation also means it can adapt to most installation conditions. Get reliable, year-round comfort when you shop for MrCool central AC and heat pump systems at HomElectrical!

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What is the MrCool central ducted system?

The MrCool central ducted DC inverter heat pump system is a reliable and energy-efficient way to keep your home comfortable.

Additionally, MrCool boasts that these units are compatible with their Quick Connect pre-charged line sets to make installation easier. However, unlike the DIY series, the Central Duct systems require an HVAC professional to install.

The central duct DC inverter heat pump system offers air handlers with multi-positional capabilities that can support upflow, downflow, horizontal left, and horizontal right airflow configurations.

They offer additional heat kits to supplement heating and a 10-year parts and labor warranty.

Is MrCool considered central air?

Yes, MrCool’s central ducted system provides central air. Similar to a mini split system, central air systems use an outdoor condenser and an indoor air handler to supply conditioned air. However, central systems send this conditioned air through ductwork to heat and cool a home.

Mini split systems can only cool a specific zone while central systems use ductwork to provide conditioned air to an entire building.

Is central air the same as AC?

Central air conditioning systems are a type of air conditioning system. However, central HVAC systems can also heat, making them different from other AC units like window or portable units.

The term “central air” often gets confused with “forced air.” Central air refers to the air conditioning unit itself while forced air refers to the way the unit distributes air. Forced air means the system pushes, or forces, air through the ductwork in order to distribute it.

Why is central air better than AC?

Central air split systems offer a variety of different benefits, including their out-of-the-way design. Central split systems install partially inside, usually in the basement, and outside, which frees up space in your home to style it however you wish.

Other systems, like mini split system or window units, require that all or part of the system install inside the room you want cooled. If you’re low on space, or simply don’t want to see the unit, this can pose a problem. A central air system eliminates this problem by using ductwork to transfer the conditioned air, meaning you don’t need an unsightly or inconvenient appliance in the room.

Does MrCool have a thermostat?

Yes, the MrCool central ducted system includes a wired thermostat. You can find more accessory options with our MrCool accessories category.

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