MRCOOL Olympus Series Air Conditioner

Heat or cool any space with the MRCOOL Olympus Series of ductless mini split systems! The Energy Star certified Olympus multi zone and single zone systems heat and cool a wide variety of spaces. Shop HomElectrical to explore the MRCOOL Olympus Series and find the best one for your space today!

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What is a mini split system?

In a home or building without central air, mini split systems provide heating and cooling with no need for ductwork. It uses an outdoor condenser, an indoor air handler, and refrigerant lines that link the two, while a heat pump uses liquid refrigerant to pull heat energy outside the home to cool it or bring it inside the home to warm it.

Mini splits come in single zone and multi-zone options. The single zone option uses one outdoor unit and one indoor unit, so it can only cool a single room or zone, such as a garage or workshop, while the multi zone option connects multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit, and each indoor unit goes in a different room, making this system perfect for houses.

What does the Olympus Series offer?

MRCOOL Olympus Series ductless heating and cooling systems are a convenient multi room solution for homes or offices that formerly relied on electric baseboard heaters in the winter and window air conditioning units in the summer. The Olympus Series offers single zone and multi-zone mini split systems that provide air conditioning and heat in even the most extreme temperatures. Choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor units to find the one that best fits your space. The indoor units come in wall-mounted or ceiling cassette options so you can best accommodate your space and give your unit a sleek and aesthetically pleasing look. Keep in mind that the systems in these series require an HVAC technician to install them.

The MRCOOL Olympus series offers unique features for heating and cooling air that you won’t find anywhere else, including:

  • Multi-zone options
  • Control using Apple or Android smart device
  • Up to 23 SEER efficiency
  • “Follow Me” function: keep the remote control near you and system will track the temperature around you to ensure maximum comfort
  • Leakage detection: Alarm sounds when system detects low coolant
  • Low ambient cooling down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit: perfect for greenhouses and server rooms
  • Auto restart
  • Quiet running
  • Time function
  • Auto swing
  • Sleep mode
  • Louver position memory
  • Gold Fin condenser
  • Includes the new SmartHVAC Controller Module and App that works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Warranty: 5-year parts/7-year Compressor/1-year Remote
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