Linzer Product Corporation aims to be the leader in quality paint applicators including roller covers, roller frames, different types of paint brushes, foam brushes, tray liners, and more. This company has a wide variety of product so you can choose which professional or DIY materials you need to complete your project. With their collection of high quality products, you will be able to find whatever painting related product you desire.

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What are foam brushed used for?

Foam brushes have some of the same properties as a normal paint brush where they hold multiple types of paints, stains, and urethanes. Foam brushes are less versatile than paint brushes and usually are used on furniture, cabinetry, and for trims for a nice, smooth finish.

How do I clean a roller cover?

you can clean a roller cover by running it under warm water until the paint rinses out. You can use your hand, or a separate tool, to help rinse the paint out until the water runs clean. Then leave it out to dry.
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