Swanson Tools

Swanson tools, famous for the Swanson Speed Square, has been a mainstay in tool kits for many years. The company is well known for precision measuring tools with extremely high degrees of accuracy. If you need a level or a building square then look no further than Swanson tools.

What tools does the Swanson Speed square replace?

The Swanson Speed Square combines five tools into one:

  • Tri Square: A tool primarly used for measuring right angles.
  • Protractor: A tool commonly used to measure angles in a 180 degree range.
  • Line Scriber: A hand tool used in metalworking to mark lines on a surface before machining.
  • Miter Square: A miter square is set at a 45 degree angle in order to measure out diagonal lines.
  • Saw Guide: A tool that guides a saw in a straight line.
These tools, all combined together, create an extremely versatile tool that can help complete many different tasks.

How many manipulations do the levels from Swanson tools account for?

These levels provide for 30, 60, 90, and 0 degree angular measurements.
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