The Brady Corporation was founded in 1914 and originally manufactured printed glass beer signs, roadside advertising, point of purchase displays, and elaborate color displays for ice cream parlors. Now they are creating more safety signs that can be found on construction sites, chemical industries, or even on school grounds. Brady also manufactures a few safety devices including breaker lockouts and gate valve lockouts. Venture through our collection of Brady products to find the right safety supplies for your project.

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What is a Brady valve lockout device?

Brady valve lockout device are made from plastic and keep energy sources, electricity, gas, water, that need to be closed off. This is generally used when there is maintenance or repairs that need to be done.

What is a Brady circuit breaker lockout device used for?

A Brady circuit breaker valve lockout device is generally used for keeping the breaker from being tampered with from an outside source. It uses a padlock to keep the circuits protected and is used on most single pole circuit breakers.
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