VVF Amenities

VVF Amenities is a manufacturer of shampoo, soaps, body lotions, and conditioner designated toward the hospitality industry. Their collection of body soaps and shampoos are in a travel size so that they are easy to replace and use. The soaps are individually wrapped so that customers won't feel an aversion to using it and it will also show a sense of luxury. Explore our selection of VVF Amenities shampoos and body soap for your hospitality industry at HomElectrical.

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What are VVF Amenities shampoo, face and body soap used for?

VVF Amenities has a selection of shampoo, face and body wash for you to choose from. All of these are specifically designed for the use of a hospitality industry. So they are most commonly used in hospitals and hotels.

Why should I get Individually wrapped soap and shampoo?

VVF Amenities makes sure that every bar of soap and bottle of shampoo is individually wrapped. This is essential for those in the hospitality industry especially because you never what type of customer you are going to get. Meaning that customers are more likely to feel comfortable and come back if you use soap that was not obviously used by somebody else.

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