Excel Hand Dryer

Excel Dryer is a manufacturer of commercial hand dryers that make the perfect addition to your restroom. Their automatic hand dryers can help you save energy and reduce paper waste. Choose from the XLERATOR, Cast Cover, or the Lexan series for high quality Excel hand dryers for your facility.
Excel Hand Dryer


Boasting energy efficiency and no need for paper towels, you can save time, energy, and the environment with Excel XLERATOR automatic hand dryers.

Excel Hand Dryer Accessories

Get the most out of your Excel Hand Dryer by using Excel Hand Dryer Accessories like the ADA compliant recess kit or wall guards which save walls from water damage.

ThinAir Hand Dryer

The Excel ThinAir Hand Dryer functions as a slim, ADA compliant and energy-efficient automatic hand dryer which features variable heat settings, washable pre-filter, and high-speeds.

Do hand dryers save money?

Recognized as "The New Industry Standard," Excel hand dryer products offer top of the line hand dryer solutions to become a greener environmental company. With its XLERATOR series, Excel has introduced a hand dryer that operates three times faster and consumes 80% less energy than a conventional unit.

How much does it cost to run an electric hand dryer?

The Xlerator automatic hand dryer uses about 80% less energy than traditional hand dryers. This eco-friendly hand dryer is the better choice for your facility, and can help you save over 95% in savings.

  • Typical hand dryers use about 0.03 kwh of electricity every use
  • The average electricity cost in the US is $0.10 per kwh
  • The average cost of using an electric hand dryer is abut $14.60 a month
  • You can save over $60 a month from purchasing paper towels

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