Excel Hand Dryer Accessories

Excel manufactures an array of accessory products to make sure that you have everything you need to go with your hand dryer. The recess kit meets ADA protrusion requirements and the wall mats protect the walls from water damage. Make sure you have everything you need for your Excel hand dryer with HomElectrical.

What does it mean if an Excel hand dryer is ADA compliant mean?

ADA refers to the Americans with disabilities Act. The hand dryer comes with a compliant ADA recess kit that recesses the hand dryer four inches into the wall. This ensures that any employees that have disabilities will still be able to conveniently use the Excel hand dryer. These dryers also come with protrusion guidelines so that the visually impaired can use it.

What is an Excel wall guard used for?

An Excel hand dryer wall guard is designed to fit right underneath your hand dryer. It is an anti-microbial shield that will protect your walls from being damaged by any water spray that comes on while drying your hands.
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